Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

Willowtail Sculpture GardensOpening Reception & FundraiserSunday, May 19 | 2:00 - 5:00pm

Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences

Artist Residency

Willowtail is a unique property, offering one – three week residencies that have a special appeal to artists. Sixty acres tucked away in the high, alpine desert of the Four Corners Region writers come to begin or work on novels, poems, memoirs, screenplays, musicians practice, compose and rehearse, visual artists paint, draw, sculp, and photograph. However, the best quality of Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center is its ability to offer a quiet inspiring space to reflect, research, experiment, explore, laugh and create, easily, intensely.

Willowtail Springs Artist Residencies

Andrew Allport
2018 Durango Art Center Scholarship

Tyana Arviso Photographer

Delbert Anderson
Jazz Trumpeter/ Composer

Ilze Aviks
Fabric Artist, Painter, Photographer

Annie Brooks
Visual Artist/Writer

Lapita Arviso Photographer

Rosie Carter
Visual/Mix Media Artist

Cindy Coleman
Painter/Graphic designer

Tina Deschenie Poet, Artist
Michael Thompson Writer
Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation Scholarship

Margy Dudley Photographer

Nina Elder
Artist, Painting, Drawing
2015 Willowtail Scholarship

Elizabeth Ferrill
2014/2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Kit Frost
Photographer, Videographer

Leesa Zarinelli Gawlik
Artisan of Textile assemblages
2017, Artist Residency

Barbara Grist

Dan Groth
Collage Artist, Painter

Eirene Hamilton
Writer, Ethnobotanist, Environmental Activist and Language Educator

Crystal Hartman
Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Jeweler
2015 Durango Arts Center and Willowtail Scholarship
2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Tammi Hartung
Ethnobotanical Herbalist, Organic Farmer

Desiree Henderson

Theatre Director/ Writer\ Performer

Tara S. Holl
Mixed Media/Teaching Artist

David Holub
Writer, journalist, playwright
2016 Durango Art Center Scholarship 2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Sonja Horoshko
Visual Artist

Blossom Johnson
Dramatist / Dramaturg

Matt Jones
2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Tim Kaputska
Graphic Designer
2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Leslie Lloyd

Elizabeth Kinahan
2014 Durango Arts Center Scholarship

Kate Loague
Public Art
2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Rebecca Koeppen
Photographer, Pastel artist
2015 Durango Arts Center and New Face Productions Scholarship

Shay Lopez
2014 Willowtail Scholarship

Heather Leavitt Martinez

Maureen May
Visual and Performance Artist

Carol Meckling
3 Dimensional Mixed Media and Painting
2016 Durango Arts Center Scholarship 2018/2019 Willowtail Scholarship

Roxie Mitchell
Experimental Digital Photography

Daniel Nester

Jeremy Pataky
Writer, Photographer
2015 Willowtail Scholarship

Jane Pedersen
Handmade Paper and Book Artist

Susan Reed
Visual Art

Judy Richardson
2016 Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation Scholarship

Mary Robinson
2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Kim Russell
Painter, Teacher at Mancos Public Schools
2016, Durango Art Center Scholarship

Ann Salviazul
Visual Artist
2016 Durango Arts Center Scholarship

Laura Schiavone
Encaustic Monoprints Artist
2017, Durango Art Center Scholarship 2019, Artist Residency

Bronwyn Strickland Beatta
2017 Durango Art Center Scholarship

Deborah Sussex
Painter / Photography
2014 Open Shutter Gallery & 2015 Willowtail Scholarship, 2020 Artist Residency

Lisa C Taylor
Short Story Writer

Mariposa Velez Sentner
Art form
2015 Durango Arts Center Scholarship

Lorena Williams
2017/2018 Willowtail Scholarship

Suze Woolf
Plein Air Painter, Sculptor
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Willowtail Scholarship

6 Dollar String Band
2018, Durango Art Center & New Face Productions Scholarship

20 Moons Dance Theatre
2017 Durango Art Center Scholarship