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Bethany Bachmann

Bethany Bachmann

Bethany Bachmann

2017 Durango Art Center Scholarship

When I was a child I received an ET (think 80’s movie) award because I was always daydreaming and had my head “in the clouds”.  I was extremely shy and introverted and didn’t really know what to make of the world around me. The language of color, images, and patterns for a long time were the only way I could fully express myself, feeling words could be limiting and unwanted. These characteristics still have some truth for me today but what I mostly take from it is the absolute joy, freedom of expression, intuitive nature, and exploration of emotions I am able to fulfill while creating art.

For Community Get Back, Bethany hosted Yin & the Female Form class In May 25th, 2018 at Mancos Library.

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