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Vanessa Blakeslee

Vanessa Blakeslee

Vanessa Blakeslee
2019 Willowtail Scholarship

Vanessa’s latest published novel, “Perfect Conditions” has won multiple awards; Indie Excellence Book Award for Short Story Collections, Independent Publisher Book Awards, and Foreword Review Indies Gold. You can purchase all three of her published books from Curbsidesplendor.com or Amazon.com

“As a writer, I often seek out residencies that are near to or surrounded by wilderness, having found the solitude and natural environs allow me to reach deeper contemplation and creative breakthroughs in my work. The unique location of Willowtail Springs in southwest Colorado spurred me to consider the impact of water in my current novel — whether too much, or not enough, water is destined to play a vital role in our lives moving forward in the 21st century. Also, the residency’s proximity to Mesa Verde National Park proved a mysterious presence and inspiration — what better place to speculate upon the path of our Industrial Civilization, than so near what’s left of those complex societies that have come before?”

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