Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences



To enrich our local and national communities by building a network of creative practitioners in arts, education, and ecology through experiences within our magical nature preserve. 



– Promote creative expression in The Arts.

– Support and encourage those who seek to conserve, protect, and renew natural ecosystems.

– Provide and protect into perpetuity a place where practitioners can pursue and manifest their vision through exploration, reflection, research and collaboration.

A Willowtail residency exists to invite practitioners, in an array of fields and mediums, a time and space free from their usual obligations and distractions.  Complete immersion into this space allows residents to contemplate and focus on their projects with the preserve’s sights, sounds and smells to inspire them.  Essential to creating deeper works are the unexpected directions of thought and the expansion of nascent ideas into more robust and surprising creations.