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Residency FAQs & Guidelines

Integrating the Arts and Nature

Wild Wonderful Water & Druid Tree
Wild Wonderful Water & Druid Tree

Who Can Apply for a Full-Scholarship Residency, Partial-Scholarship Residency or Fully Self-Funded Residency?

  • Residencies are available to visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, performance artists, screenwriters and natural scientists locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Residencies are also available to ecologists,and natural scientists to study the preserve, write papers and research the environment in all its diversity and detail.
  • Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center can accommodate painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, sculpture, performance art, film making, composers, songwriters and practicing musicians. (At this time, Willowtail is unable to accommodate ceramics, large sculptures or woodworking inside.)

What specifically do you need to know about any Residency at Willowtail?

  • Any Residency through Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center involves a stay of 7 nights or longer.
    • Willowtail is currently offering one-week – three-week residencies.
  • Any Resident awarded is required to participate in the Community Involvement Program either during or after their Residency. The Community Involvement Program supports, educates and gives back to the local, four corners community through presentations, workshops, readings, showings, etc.
  • Residencies require an application process and application fee of $25. Click here to apply.
  • An applicant is chosen and awarded a Residency stay from submitted applications, by the Board of Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center.
    • The selection process will be directed by the Board of Willowtail, or another organization leasing the space from them.
  • Financial support for the Full Scholarship Funded and Partially-Funded Scholarship Residency project under Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center is tax deductible for a donor.
  • Most Participants can deduct their expenses For a Partially-Funded or Fully Self-Funded Residency as a business expense.

What is included in a Full-Scholarship Residency, a Partial-Scholarship Residency or a Fully Self-Funded Residency at Willowtail (or a Durango Artist In Residence Funded Residency)

  • Residency includes one fully furnished cabin with kitchen facilities and standard amenities, such as breakfast items, full use of the property, canoes, spa products, hot tub and fresh cut flowers in your cabin.
  • Residency includes 24 hour access to the Working Studio.
  • Seven (7) night minimum stay.
  • Single person occupancy.
  • Submission of an application, including resume, project proposal and work samples to be reviewed and awarded by the board of Willowtail.
  • The number of Full or Partially-Funded Scholarship Residencies for any cycle of deadlines is based on availability at Willowtail, the quality of the applications and funds available at the time.
  • Because we have so many highly qualified applicants, we have added the option of Partially-Funded and Fully Self-Funded Residencies.

To see the difference between a Full-Scholarship Residency, a Partial- Scholarship Residency and a Fully Self-funded Residency, go to Residencies page.

What are all Residents responsible for?

  • Residents are responsible for lunch and dinner and any additional snacks other than breakfast, which is provided. (Due to COVID-19, we are suspending our usual full assortment of breakfast items in your cabin)
  • Residents are responsible for travel to and from Willowtail.
  • Residents are responsible for any shipping or removal of their work at the close of their residency.
  • Currently, residents are responsible for their own materials.