Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

Willowtail Sculpture GardensOpening Reception & FundraiserSunday, May 19 | 2:00 - 5:00pm

Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences

Classes & Workshops

At Willowtail Springs, we offer various art classes and workshops. They are taught by professionals, allowing you to have a fulfilling and cultured experience.ย  Join others, create friendships, share inspiration, and just have fun. Whether you have experience or not, these classes are available to all who are interested. We always have something going on so sign up for a class today.

Lee Cloy

(Tai Chi Chuan)

Sensing Hands and the Form both left and right

Available All Year Around

TIME: Schedule by email or phone

COST: $50 /hr

Lee Cloy has 40 years of experience in many types of martial arts, with emphasis on Tai Chi for the last 25 years. As a Master of these arts, and through the combination of his own skills in several styles…

Lee Cloy

Nature Walks on Willowtailย Springs Land

Available All Year Around

Time: Schedule by email or phone

COST: $50/hour 1-2 people. $100/hour 3-6 people

There is so much to do that allows you to connect with nature At Willowtail Springs. Our CO-Director, Lee Cloy will take you to guided tour of our land. There are many paths and…

Peggy Cloy

(Painter, Sculptor, Poet)

Critique of your current work

Available All Year Around

Time: Schedule by email or phone

COST: $50 donation to Willowtail.org

Peggy moved to Southwest Colorado in 1993 after living and working as an artist in Seattle, Washington for 20 years…

More classes/workshops are in the planning stages.ย  Stay tuned.