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Tai Chi Lessons with Instructor Lee

Why Tai Chi?

Tai Chi involves a series of slow, meditative movements. They were originally for self-defense but they also promote inner peace. Tai Chi as an “internal “ martial art has long been practiced and recognized by many world cultures for many reasons. Its tremendous ­fitness, dexterity, balance, mental clarity and focus, especially beneficial as we age and these qualities begin to diminish. It is also believed to increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles, and is considered an aid in many illnesses.

Meet the Instructor

Lee Cloy has 40 years of experience in many types of martial arts, with emphasis on Tai Chi for the last 25 years. As a Master of these arts, and through the combination of his own skills in several styles, Lee’s Tai Chi has evolved into a unique form. He places focus on bringing about healing and regeneration in both body and spirit.

Lee works with new and experienced individuals to help them develop and expand their own Tai Chi skills. He helps to create a more grounded and centered place within themselves from which they can bring more authentic power, energy, and peacefulness into everyday life.

Rate: $50 per hour for one – two private students

For Schedule or questions: Lee Cloy

Call: 970-946-3969 or email: [email protected]