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Jeremy Pataky

Jeremy Pataky

Jeremy Pataky
Writer, Photographer
2015 Willowtail Scholarship

“Peggy smiling on the porch and Lee’s kind laugh across the lunch table at the Mancos Bakery, the endless formal variation of juniper and the pale orb of their berries fallen to the ground, a writers heaven. The white faces of coots paddling the lake and the flash of mallard wings lifting off the lake, a bowl of fresh eggs, bread, jam, pears and apples and a hearty jar of whole coffee beans, like an hourglass, marks time passing over my stay. The homey clutter of used dishes, books, clothes, water glasses, binoculars strewn about the cabin and divine porch, indicators of a well-used space.  I have a feeling I will be back.”

Jeremy is an accomplished writer, living in Alaska. His first book of poetry, “Overwinter”, speaks in a deeply personal and evocative way about the Alaska landscape.

Jeremy has enormous experience in worldwide artist residencies.  He has been Artist Resident Program Coordinator for the Rasmuson Foundation, one of the largest foundations of its kind in the country.  His knowledge of residencies and their funding is extensive.  He was, and continues to be, most generous in sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with Willowtail.

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