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Your tax exempt contributions/donations to Willowtail go directly to supporting and extending 7-day and 14-day residencies in the arts and sciences.

The land and infrastructure that host these residencies, including ecology, conservation, restoration, protection and renewal efforts are funded through the lodging fees of these residencies.

Please consider donating to our emerging Bridge to the Future Campaign which was formed to make Willowtail Property and Programs sustainable into perpetuity. Link to our exciting new plans: https://willowtail.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Willowtail-1214.pdf

Donations of useful items can also be arranged which will be integrated into the existing infrastructure or used as auction items or prizes to boost fundraising activity. If you are considering a donation please click here to learn more.


Do you have skills that you enjoy and would like to offer? Do you have extra time that you’d like to use doing something meaningful and lasting? Volunteering is a satisfying and rewarding way to give back and we have opportunities that may interest you.

Click here for more information on current volunteer opportunities.

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