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Opening Reception for Willowtail Sculpture Gardens

Opening Reception for Willowtail Sculpture Gardens


May 19, 2024    
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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2:30pm Brenda Jones will talk about her work.
Other artists will be on hand to answer questions about their work.
Light refreshments will be served.


Wander the Gardens, pause in the outdoor seating areas, listen, immersed and surrounded
Feel the Stillness – Sense the Balance – Invite the Experience 


Sculptors  represented:  
Brenda Jones, Creed, Suze Woolf, Seattle, Janet Leverwood, Cortez, Deb lux Harriman, Cortez,
Jeff Wise, Durango, Ron Hawkins, Durango, Lorena Williams, Durango, Crystal Hartman, Illinois


Former Two-Dimensional Artist’s Residents at Willowtail represented:
Cindy Atchison, Durango, Jody Chapel, Mancos, Cindy Coleman, Durango,
Tina Deschenie, Farmington, Elizabeth Kinahan, Durango, Kathy Myrick, Durango,
Susan Reed, Cortez, Sharon Wolf, Cortez


For questions: call/text: Peggy:970-560-0333


Please: NO Smoking
              NO Dogs


Please Park at the Fieldhouse
There will be people there to direct you to the event.
Take the new path, built by the Legacy Conservation Youth Corps
named after their mascot, Beaus’s Boulevard to the Treehouse and Gardens

If you prefer walking down the road to the campus, it is a short distance.
If you need a ride to the main area of the event, there will be volunteers to drive you down.