Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences

Sonja Horoshko & Renee Podunovich

Sonja Horoshko & Renee Podunovich

Visual Artist Sonja Horoshko & Poet Renee Podunovich Collaborative Residencies

“Unlike other residencies, Willowtail is not about a place-name recognition, or personal Cloy résumé. It is about sharing the aesthetically abundant and rich life of Peggy and Lee.They generously hold the deep, vast, warm and wide open space and time for those most fortunate to work within their land and life-setting. Thank you so very much for this gift.

My own work needed a private boost of professionalism in a trusted space where I didn’t have to explain and justify, over and over again, the worth of my work.

Willowtail Springs, the place, was patient with us. Its beauty and strength lingered beside us, just beyond our peripheral vision, just beyond our tasks-at-hand.  The studio environment swelled the impact of the generosity we received.  We were struck by the gentility of the internal heart-value which was organized around our work for us. Thank you for that, as well.”

Visual Artist Sonja Horoshko

Poet Renee Podunovich