Residencies & Retreats

Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences


Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center provides a backdrop where artists and scientists can integrate and renew their work within the beauty and inspiration of a unique setting. The Preserve and the Education Center have been structured to sustain into perpetuity the availability of a unique place to work and stay.

Willowtail Springs is the place.  You the artist or natural scientist can bring your projects, research and pioneering thought.  Our donors, through the Residency programs, afford you the time to meditate, reflect and create in a very special place.

Residencies and Retreats:
1 Week to 2 Weeks

  • Residencies are available to visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, performance artists, screenwriters and natural scientists from around the world.
  • Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center can accommodate painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, sculpture, performance art, filmmaking, writing, songwritering and practicing musicians.
  • Each resident receives free living space and use of the property during their stay plus use of the Working Studio.
  • Residents are responsible for their food (other than breakfast items), travel, application fee, shipping or removing their work at the close of the residency.
  • The selection process will be directed by the Board of, or another organization leasing the space from them.
  • Residents are encouraged to present lectures or programs for the enrichment of the local community members and its children.  The program itself will develop from the residents’ work at Willowtail and their particular fields of expertise and interest. This will be an important piece of the Application process.
  • Participants will have a choice of one of three available living spaces, either alone or with other residents, including all standard amenities.

Linda Bowers

“Thanks so much for another beautiful, idyllic respite. This is a glorious refuge where quiet seeps into my body and my mind becomes free from lists, demands and urban shrillness. It is a place for gathering, dreaming and essential peacefulness. A coot cuts a wake across the lake, it’s cry echoing into the blue bowl of sky. That I were so free, to paddle in such a home….”
Linda Bowers, former director, Hedgebrook Writer’s Retreat, Whidbey Island, WA, Director, Seattle Arts and Lectures



The Arts

As part of our core mission, WTSNPEC creates and offers a variety of Residency Programs to students and professionals in the integration of The Arts and Natural Sciences/Conservation and the organic flow between them. Click here to read more about the Residencies offered as well as Educational programs in the Arts.


Natural Sciences, Conservation and Ecology

Preserving and protecting our natural habitat is vitally important to the creative flow of new ideas in The Arts and in the health and success of ourselves and future generations in any field who live and breath on this planet. Click here to read more about the ongoing Residencies in the Arts and Natural Sciences/Conservation as well as Conservation Education initiatives taking place throughout the Preserve.


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