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Quiet, Romantic Getaway

Quiet, Romantic Getaway

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Willowtail Springs provides more than the perfect location for family getaways. Couples can also escape here to find peace and quiet for themselves. They can book a lovely cabin and enjoy the peace that surrounds them. This allows them to be able to communicate with each other and enjoy each other’s company. With the beautiful sites, the calming sounds of nature, and the privacy of Willowtail Springs, you and your significant other will truly enjoy your quiet, romantic getaway.


Willowtail Springs is about 5 miles outside of Mancos, CO. This allows for the ultimate privacy. It is away from the highway, surrounded by trees, and almost hidden from everyone; yet, it is still close enough to Mancos if you decide to venture outside of Willowtail Springs. The individual cabins available are all different. Choose from the different homey and comfortable ones we have:

The cabins vary in size but they can all be used for just two people. The Bungalow is a private, romantic lakeside cabin. It overlooks the mountains and provides beautiful views of the lake during all times of the day. The porch provides wonderful views to the gardens, the kitchen is fully equipped, an outdoor grill and an indoor fireplace provide the perfect setting for a wonderful and cozy dinner. There are also natural bath and spa products available to help you both relax.

The charming and secluded Garden Cottage is nestled by itself among the gardens and wildlife. You can also view the lake and the La Plata mountains from the deck. Snuggle up together in front of the fireplace or out on the deck and take in the views and sounds. Take advantage of the natural bath and spa products so you can be as relaxed as possible.

The Lake House is a large and charming log cabin, available for a larger family but, if you and your significant other would like the space, it is available to you. A quick walk to the lake, enjoy the birds and fish you may see there, overlook the mountains, or sit on the deck together and enjoy all the various bird species you may encounter. Enjoy the natural bath/spa products and/or the library in this cabin.

Available to Couples


Starting at an hour, enjoy a relaxing massage. We have several message therapists who specialize in a variety of modalities

Catered, In-Cabin Private Dinner:

There are a variety of meals to choose from. Enjoy a romantic evening together with a wonderful and delicious private dinner that is brought right to your cabin.

The Gardens:

Take a walk together on the various paths throughout and enjoy the colors and smells.

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Come to Willowtail Springs with your significant other and enjoy your time together. Enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation. Take advantage of the massages and catered, in-cabin private dinners and make the most of your quiet, romantic getaway together. The solitude we provide to our guests helps to make your trip even more enjoyable.