Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

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Packages: Weddings, Family Vacations, Getaways

Packages: Weddings, Family Vacations, Getaways

So Much to Do

Willowtail Springs has so much to offer its guests! We provide more than peace and quiet, relaxation, and a getaway for artists and scholars. As a family, you can come to enjoy all the outdoor activities that the area has to offer, plan a secluded, intimate wedding with us, or even plan your next exciting family reunion. If you do not find what you want on the property itself, visit the surrounding area and discover what else is available to you. There is a little something for everyone who visits, guaranteeing that our guests are always happy and willing to return.

Intimate Weddings, Elopements, & Honeymoons

We have 60 acres of beautiful and peaceful land, gardens, streams, and mountain views. These intimate locations provide the perfect destination for your small, personal wedding or elopement. We offer various personalized packages and we are even available for your honeymoon. 12-14 overnight guests can easily be accommodated with us, with a separate cottage for the bride and groom. There are surrounding hotels for more guests. For a ceremony and/or reception, Willowtail Springs can accommodate up to 25 people. The bride and groom can enjoy a romantic honeymoon in one of our charming and elegant cabins. Enjoy the solitude on your first morning as a married couple and take advantage of the surrounding beauty. Click here to see the various packages we have to offer!

Relaxing, Fun Family Vacations and Reunions

Whether it is just you and your spouse, your whole family, or even a family reunion, take advantage of all the fun activities we have to offer. We are considered a fishing heaven so why not fish on our private lake? Catch and release a variety of fish such as trout, bass, sunfish, and grass carp on our canoes or rowboats. If you prefer to do more watching, then enjoy all the various bird species found on our property. We are a soft-release site under the guidance of the Durango Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Our bird species include birds of prey – owls, hawks, and eagles – songbirds, ducks, and many more. You will always see something new and beautiful while birdwatching.

If you would like to go beyond Willowtail Springs and see the area, there is even more to do together. Visit the historic Mesa Verde, Canyon of the Ancients, go hiking, horseback riding, or take a jeep tour. You can even visit Mesa Verde in the winter or enjoy various outdoor activities. Take advantage of it all now! When you choose to stay with us, you can take advantage of all the available amenities. Utilize the fully equipped kitchens and dining areas, indoor and outdoor, fishing gear and poles, complete library, and even spa products. All of our various activities will allow you to break away from everyday stress and technology and allow you to connect as a family. We can be a home away from home! Check out our available cabins we have to accommodate you and guarantee you have as much fun as possible!

Peaceful & Quiet Getaways

Need a stress-free getaway? We can offer you just that! Take advantage of our beautiful views, our amenities, and the secluded spaces we have for our guests. Drop the stress, become inspired, and savor the solitude. Utilize your own kitchen and enjoy a quiet meal either with someone else or on your own, visit the beautiful lake, soak in the hot tub that overlooks the lake and mountains, order a massage or romantic dinner for two, or even wander the beautiful gardens. Become inspired to join an art workshop that may be going on and get in touch with your creative side. We offer so much to families looking to have fun adventures together but we also offer couples or individual people a place to escape it all and find some peace and quiet. Book a cabin with us now and let your relaxing vacation begin sooner rather than later.