Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

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Elizabeth Kinahan

Elizabeth Kinahan

Elizabeth Kinahan, who has painted the bucolic cattle of southwest Colorado’s high mountain valleys, received 2014 Durango Arts Center Scholarship and spent a week at Willowtail and ignites a passion for painting wildlife.

The grounds that Peggy and Lee have cultivated make you feel like you’re a million miles away, perfectly suited to getting lost in inspiration and total beauty. Such a place is exactly what an artist needs to incite fresh creativity, a new perspective, and a natural inclination to push work further. All other things fall to the side in the present moment, birds flutter from tree to tree, chime out their melodies. I am reminded of what is truly important in life. During my week at Willowtail I was afforded the time to truly be “in the space” they have created. I was able to observe my own creative process, from the moment of inspiration to the completion of a piece. I allowed myself the “time” to sit and draw from life, which I do not often do. I saw the benefits immediately. I immersed myself in a new world, watched the way it influenced my brush. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, one that I will draw on for years”

Elizabeth agreed after her residency to serve as a board member for Willowtail. As part of her financial contribution as a board member, she donated half the proceeds of her show from works produced at Willowtail back to Willowtail. She has also served in many capacities as board member and volunteer at events and other meetings.