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Integrating the Arts and Natural Sciences

Art Classes and Workshops

Art Classes and Workshops

Become Inspired

At Willowtail Springs, we offer various art classes and workshops. We have recently partnered with the Mancos Public Library, which is another location for some of these classes. They are taught by professionals, allowing you to have a fulfilling and cultured experience. The classes are offered throughout the year and can range from one day to five days long. Join others, create friendships, share inspiration, and just have fun. Whether you have experience or not, these classes are available to all who are interested. We always have something going on so sign up for a class today.

Art Classes and Workshops by the Owners

Some of the classes we offer here include areas such as visual arts, writing, poetry, music, theatre, filmmaking, gardening, landscape design, and the sciences as well. Within the sciences, learn about ecology, conservation, wildlife, water, air, forests, math, astronomy, Tai Chi, and nature walks. The owners, Peggy and Lee Cloy teach their own classes as well – painting, sculptor, poetry, and Tai Chi. Peggy Cloy is a painter, sculptor, and poet herself, making her perfect to be the one to critique your work and give suggestions for moving forward. She offers one hour sessions at $50. Lee Cloy is a Tai Chi instructor and he leads Nature Walks on Willowtail Springs Land. Find inner peace and balance or see the beautiful land that is Willowtail. Both of these activities are $50.

Discover Your Passion

With the various areas covered with the classes, there is always something for you to discover and learn about next. Whether you want to learn something new or learn more about an already existing practice, the classes can be incredibly beneficial. Some of the artists we feature include Dan Groth who is a painter, printmaker, and poet. His upcoming class on April 30 is focusing on autonomic drawings and paintings to expand one’s creative approach. David Holub is a writer, playwright, and an editor for DGO Magazine. For his workshop on May 6, you will discuss the various forms and examples of literary humor and discuss what makes for effective literary humor-pacing, clear POV, concision, and more.

A photographer and pastel painter, Deborah Sussex is another well-known artist. She will help the students explore with pastels and have discussions on materials, color use, generating sketches, and composing paintings. This particular workshop is offered on May 7. Crystal Hartman is a painter, jeweler, and printmaker who is offering a class on June 3rd. She will explore the concept and storytelling of drawing and train our eyes to see form, contrast, and details. Kit Frost is another known artist, focusing on photography. She focuses on landscapes over an extended period of time to capture their essence. She works with traditional film, digital, and smartphones. Learn more about the artists and their classes to see if this is just what you were looking for. The prices vary and if you cannot find what you want now, always check back in because there will always be more artists and classes.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

If you want to join one of these classes, the fees are paid to Willowtail Springs. These various classes and workshops are interactive. The costs of teaching and property rental are funded by those who take these classes. If any are taught at Willowtail Springs, we have cabins for you to stay at and enjoy. Sign up today and learn something new. Interact with new people who share your same interests. Inspire yourself and others and create new things.