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Spring in Progress

Spring in Progress

Spring is a busy time around WTS, and this year is no exception.

In a word (or two words actually), Tree Trimming, and we don’t mean the lights and tinsel kind. It has been quite a while since we’ve been able to devote this much attention to the forest but the results are clear to see. The grounds are looking wonderful with lots of light and more vistas, especially in the garden areas. Peggy is ecstatic to have help on this project since she can cut and trim all day long while helpers drag it all off to the chipper.

Some work is beyond the scope of mere arms and legs, which is when we call in our friend George and his big toys. With his backhoe George has been repairing our catch basin and stream inlets so that our numerous water sources can flow more freely into the lake and gardens. In spite of breakdowns (mechanical, not emotional) and a few days of bitter weather, we managed to accomplish a lot.

Over the years we’ve created extensive gardens throughout the property. As all experienced gardeners know,tearing out and replanting is periodically required to keep things healthy and thriving, especially in the many iris beds. In the two decades since many of these gardens were started the consistent moisture and improved soil has attracted tree roots and other native inhabitants. A few of these areas have been identified as good candidates to let go back to nature which will conserve water and and garden labor as well as to add even more wild beauty to the Preserve.

Reworking the gardens ultimately involves moving large rocks and building or rebuilding rock walls, one of Peggy’s favorite challenges. George’s Bobcat made easy work of moving large rocks into beautiful new configurations.

While much work has been happening outdoors,  as much or more has been taking place indoors as well. We have reconfigured the Treehouse Gallery furniture so that it can now accommodate more people comfortably.

We’ve also been busy over the winter working on the new non-profit, whose website you are currently enjoying. This project has taken an enormous amount of work and organization to bring things to the point where we can now begin offering our first education/conservation programs which begin in May.

We invite your participation in any of these exciting new projects as well as your ideas and suggestions as we nurture and preserve beautiful spaces for all of us to enjoy and benefit from together.

All the best,

Peggy and Lee



New light and vistas after extensive tree trimming


Reworked and re-purposed gardens around the Preserve


Removing tons of collected debris from streams and inlets to restore free flowing water sources


A beautiful rock wall, not yet complete but well underway


George artfully placing gorgeous rocks for all to enjoy